The building of a brand.

I'm an Exercise Science major, have been and always will be.  My mind, it focuses on the body, it focuses on human movement, not sitting still, not staring at computer screens, and definitely not marketing.  Actually, I know practically nothing about marketing, but here I am.  I have spent the last six months building a brand and learning to attempt to market myself.  I'm a social person, but I can't ask for things very well.  I know people, but I don't know everyone.  I know how to ride a bike, but I know nothing about bikes.  I'm learning all of this, and it's exhausting.  While I had some great results last year in the CX scene, I don't have that many contacts in the cycling industry.  I don't have age on my side to grab the fans attention, I have me.  Courtenay McFadden, the PNW'er who has been doing this on her own with the help of her CX community for the past two years.  I have the love of my friends and local fans to get me through, and I'm going to make them proud.  

I'm working on building my brand, my name, I'm learning, and boy has it been an experience.  First off, I didn't realize things take time, and not just a little bit of time, but A LOT of time.  I'm talking months.  This stuff doesn't just happen over night, it's email's back and forth, phone calls back and forth, for days, weeks, and months on end.  I'm learning how to be a good rep for businesses and how to sell their product.  I'm learning that sometimes things don't go your way and don't take it personal even though I really want to.  I'm learning that a follow up email can do wonders, or it can do nothing.  I'm learning that if you never ask, you never get, and sometimes, when you think the answer will be no, it's actually yes.  I'm learning that people trust me, believe in me, and see me as an asset.

I'm excited to see where this adventure will take me.  I'm excited to see what kind of brand I can build, and I'm excited to rep every. single. sponsor.

Don't worry, I will tell you soon enough.