What I've learned from having surgery

I've been wanting to blog about the end of my season, but then I was sick and tired when I got home, then I had surgery and they drugged me up and I'm pretty sure whatever I wrote, should not be published.  So instead lets hear it for what I've learned 6 days post-op.

There are many things in life I have taken for granted and things I've since learned after having surgery.  Here's a small list

  • Bending over to pick my pants up after going to the bathroom.  #1 thing I have taken for granted prior to surgery.  Seriously, when those pants fall past my knees it's like a 9 month pregnant women trying to tie her shoes (or what I would imagine it's like, because...I've never been pregnant).  Or how about just putting pants on in general.  A little help please?
  • Walking.  Until you have to crutch around, ugh I miss walking, and bounding up steps, but thank goodness for ADL ramps
  • Getting in and out of bed.  Really, I can't do it on my own...for at least another 3 weeks.  All ROM in my right hip is PASSIVE.  That means absolutely no muscle contraction (except for some slight isometrics with my PT).
  • My house is messy and dirty, and that's just how it's going to be.  I'm OCD.  My pants are dropped anywhere I can manage to get them off, my sheets are dirty because I eat in bed.  I mean, Chris is just feeding the messy monster in the guest bedroom. 
  • This one is personal, but it's REAL.  Pooping.  Seriously.  If someone didn't tell you, pain meds keep the poop in your system.  It's not very comfortable, I went the laxative route.  In case you're wondering, they work.
  • When you've prepared yourself mentally to literally do nothing, doing nothing is actually a lot easier than you thought.  6 days in, and so far I'm okay.  
  • I will never be a drug addict.  Apparently I like to be in control?  Those drugs do not make me feel good.  
  • I seriously miss sleeping on my side.  #2 thing in life I have taken for granted.  My butt is sore.
  • Personal hygiene- showering isn't enjoyable when you're terrified of slipping and breaking your hip.  It's a thing, they scared me at the pre-op appointment.  Since the surgeon shaved the femur down, the bone is weak right now, and if you fall there's a possibility of breaking your hip.  Also, since I'm non-weight bearing, trying showering on mainly 1 leg, and being terrified of slipping.  It's no longer this enjoyable part of my day.  So I've avoided it, and only showered 1x so far.  :-)

I'm happy to report so far I'm doing okay, mentally at least.  I've had 2 days of PT, my bruising is pretty minimal, my incisions look good, there is swelling, but I think it's not too bad.  Today was the first day I haven't woken up in pain, so I think that's a good sign!  I have an acupuncture appointment tomorrow and my post-op as well.  It's going to be a big day!  I hope the doctor has good things to say about my recovery thus far.  Until then...happy reading!