Rochester NY

East Coast Post #3, the Grand Finale

Lets say this.  I've had a half blog post written.  I've been racing so much this year I'm bored of writing race updates.  I don't know if it's the weekly update I send to my sponsors, but readers, you can't possibly want to read a boring race report every race, do you?  And not to mention I'm SO behind, that I might as well tell you this:

I finished up my East Coast trip in Rochester, NY.  I had the chance to ride around along the Erie Canal, a small piece of US history.  Aside from racing, that might have been the highlight of the weekend!  Everything seems to have come together this particular weekend.  I'm sure lots of you watched the races online, or watched the highlights.  On day #1 I started out hot, tried to stay consistent and hold the pace at the front, fell back and finished 3rd.  It was my best finish yet for a C1 event and I couldn't have been happier with it!  It helped give me the confidence I needed to believe that I can ride in the front of the race.  Sunday my legs told me I put in a really hard effort on day #1 and I was able to hold on to a 4th place finish.  

Instead of boring you with the play by play and recap from this particular weekend, how about we finish with some photos.  

There always has to be a photo with the Rock Lobster

cute "village" I stayed in

The most awesome rental car ever!

So much stoke on this podium!  First C1 podium!  Photo Credit: Dave McElwaine