12 Reasons why where I live is far superior to where you live

Let me begin by saying I live in the best place in this whole entire country.  Okay, it's true, it depends on who you ask, but let me tell you why this place rocks. #12:  Mt. Baker is only an hour away, if I loved snow sports it's a close drive from home.

#11:  In the event I need to leave the country (whether I need to move or run from the cops), Canada is only 20 minutes away!

#10:  It takes me a maximum of 10 minutes to get to and from work (by car or bike)

#9:  I can go to the Farmers Market in the middle of Winter

#8:  From anywhere in town I can most likely walk to get a GOOD cup of LOCAL coffee.  Espresso Avellino, only the best coffee in Bellingham.

#7: Buy Local.  Enough said.  Okay, not enough said.  This town supports LOCAL shops and eateries (4Starrs, Sojourn, Mi Shoes, Boundary Bay, La Fiamma, D'Annas...just to name a few)

#6:  Bellingham, WA is home of Western Washington University.  Probably one of the only schools in this country to have anatomically correct statues of little men carrying around the San Juan Islands.  Or better yet, a statue of a man humping a bear (or so it looks).  Not only that, but the book store sells shirts that say MHB, with a picture of the statue.  Liberal?  I think so.

#5:  When in season, I get local organic produce weekly from a farm in Everson.  We call these Community Supported Agriculture boxes, and they rock.

#4:  No matter which direction I ride my road bike (South, North, East..can't ride West) I can be out of town and on quite county roads in 10 minutes or less.

#3:  Within 1 mile of my house I can be on a green way (walking, running, biking) that will take me all through town.  Whether it be to Whatcom Falls or down to the Bay, I can get there on gravel paths.

#2:  I can open my garage door, hop on my mountain bike and within 12 minutes I will be at a trail head that leads to the best single track in Washington State.  Doesn't matter if it's the base of Galbraith Mountain or a quick hop onto the Interurban out to the Chuckanuts, I will be there in a snap.


#1:  The last but not least best reason that where I live is far superior to where you live is....drum roll's beautiful.  Someone created this land just for me to admire.  On a crystal clear day I can see Mt. Baker, the Sisters,the Canadian Cascades, the San Juan Islands, the tip of Vancouver Island and the sunshine!  Sure, we might not get a lot of crystal clear days, but my oh my when we do you wont want to leave. IMG_2255