Uncreative title here...

I have a lot to blog about and a lot of races to talk about, but truthfully, I'm sick of writing race reports.  I was much better at race reports when I had an adventure to talk about with them (when traveling for CX), now my travels include a 3+ hour car ride, which isn't all that adventurous!!!  So instead I'm here to tell you about life, riding, and summer!

Here is a brief update on my racing:

24 hours of mountain biking was pretty awesome.  We had a dream team of all Western Cycling Alums (Co-Ed) and we won our division.  Of the top 3 teams we were the only team with 2 females, yes we are that awesome.

My awesome outfit for one of the lapsChris at the start, in the WWU skinsuit!!Our Podium shot!

The following weekend was the Bavarian Bike and Brews in Leavenworth where I did the best I could to hold back on the first lap so I didn't die on the last lap (like I have down the past 2 years).  Going into the 3rd lap my energy and legs felt awesome, and I was really hoping to catch back up to the gal in front of me (who hadn't done the race before and didn't know how much that third lap sucks), but instead fate was not on my side and right after the feed on the third lap I cramped so bad I jumped off my bike and wanted to cry, but instead I rubbed my leg, got passed by the gal behind me, and considered quitting.  Then I decided I couldn't be a wimp and quit, so I spun my way up the mountain for the last lap and rolled in for 3rd place.  The next race I did was Watt Canyon in Thorp.  I was the only women in my category to show up, so I decided to chill out and see how many dudes I could pass.  Turns out, I didn't have such a bad race (considering  how bad my legs felt)!

So now that you know about my boring racing life, let me tell you about some new things going on with me!  First and foremost, I needed to figure out my cramping issues, so I went to my trusted Chiropractor and Friend Erik DeRoche from  Performance Health Northwest.  He suggested I invest in OSMO Nutrition (who just also happens to sponsor the cutest Women's Road Pro team around) .  So I went all in and purchased the whole system!  This includes a Pre-Load mix, an Active Hydration mix, and a Recover mix.  The Pre-load is for before competition, the Active Hydration is for during, and can you guess what the Recover is for?  I thankfully had this goodness before Watt Canyon and I didn't cramp (it was hot too)!!!!  So, success in my books!

See Chris Work.

I am also on the lookout for some Cyclocross Sponsorship (want to help)?  Hopefully some good things are headed this way, but I am ALWAYS looking for sponsorship help and ideas.  Have I mentioned I'm really excited for CX?  I have an idea on the races I want to do, and I can't wait to get out there and see if I have gotten faster!  Now, I just need to start some cyclocross prep.  Cyclocross in July?  Why not?!!!!!