The bright lights of Vegas

Vegas Vegas


I could do with not going to Vegas again, but honestly I will probably get lured into going to Vegas again.

That city, the lights, the traffic, the people, the chaos, it stresses me out!!!  Last year when Chris and I went to Vegas we left on Monday and returned home on Thursday, that was too much time in Vegas.  We said the way to go would be head on Tuesday and come home on Friday, so you could be serious before the race and then play after the race.  Well, Chris wanted to go, and I wanted Chris to go, but he could only go if we returned home on Thursday so he could go to work Thursday evening.  Yes, we left on Tuesday morning and returned home on Thursday and we both went to work at 4:30pm on Thursday after we returned home from Vegas.  The life we choose to live...

Back to Vegas, I don't want to go back to Vegas.

We arrive Tuesday afternoon, did the whole rent-a-car thing put the bikes together to get a good spin in for the afternoon.  Turns out I have never ridden in such windy weather before.  Just when I thought Bellingham was windy, let me tell you how windy our ride was.  I think averaged 8 or 9mph heading out, and then coming back we were coasting at 30mph.  Probably not the best "spin" out ride.  Before I knew it, it was Wednesday and 100 degrees.  It's so freakin' hot and dry in Vegas, why would you live there?!!  Anyways, I spent Wednesday prepping for the race that night, which means napping and laying down on the couch and staying out of the sunshine!  We headed out to the races around 5pm, which gave me a chance to watch Chris race the Single Speed race and take 2nd!  Yay, go husband!

As the sun set and moon rose the lights turned on and it was time for me to get ready to race!  I hopped onto a trainer to warm up and my legs felt...totally dead.  Nothing felt right, so I mentally prepared to have an ugly race.  Once the race got started my legs didn't feel as bad as I thought they would, but still lacked the snap I wish I had.  I hung in front group (along with 30 other women) and felt rather comfortable, my breathing was under control and my legs didn't feel like they wanted to die (yet).  I went from 4th wheel to....10th wheel in 1 turn and I was quickly reminded why I suck at road racing!  I can't hold my position to save my life!  No need to do a lap by lap review of the race (mostly because I don't remember every lap and it's boring).  I did my best to hang as long as I could, I really wanted a top 10 finish, but that result wasn't in the legs for the day and I finished 11th.  I'm pretty happy with how my race went, the field was stacked with awesome riders and I managed to pull out an 11th place (2 spots better than last year).  Of course I can always think of places in the race where it could have gone better, but it didn't, so no dwelling on the past!

I'm very grateful to be where I am in my racing and I hope to only get stronger and faster.

Thursday morning Chris and I packed the car up and drove to the airport and headed home, sleep deprived and everything!  I think I spent the next 3 days catching up on my sleep!

Next up was a fun local race at home and then a flight out East to race Gloucester and Providence.  Recaps soon!