This I have learned since being married...

It's been...holy has been 10 months since Chris and I tied the knot.  Let me tell you, about what I have learned in the past 10 months. 1)  Marriage isn't so bad when you see your husband 2x/week

2)  It's really hard to keep track of 3 bank accounts.  No excuse me, 4 accounts, thank goodness he has his own account to take care of!

3)  I will never be a farmer, so please, as much fun as plants are, and as much as I intend to WANT to take care of a plant, do not buy me one because I WILL kill it.  Unintentionally of course.





4)  Having health insurance is awesome, when it's under your parents name.  Having health insurance when you have to pay for it, sucks.

5)  Don't off your husband right away, he's not worth that much.

6)  Number 5 was a joke, I do not plan to off my husband...ever.

7)  Just because you are married, doesn't mean your house will be exactly how you want it right away.  Things take time.

8)  It's time to start thinking about the financial future, and save, not spend (all the time).

9)  Your husband is no longer your boyfriend and when he "treats" you, it most likely came from your joint account.

10)  Somehow once my boyfriend became my husband, he got messier (I swear)!


11)  Eating meat free rocks (although I still eat meat, just much much less often than I previously was, which wasn't very often)!



There you have it, some of my most recent discoveries in my life!